English 205 “Critical Thinking”

Week 1

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205-spring2017-reading-list -Reading Calendar &Leadership Role sign-up doc.


1st Reading — Plato’sApology


Week 2

Attention! :

Mistakenly I dismissed you all a bit early today 2/29 as I confused the ending time with my other night class. I needed to get you all signed-up for “leadership roles”. Look at the document above and think about which readings you will help lead discussions on. You will need to sign-up twice.

Further, I am asking for a few brave souls to go first next week up. Here is the rubric to help you prepare. If you are one who would like to volunteer to go next week, please email me jrall@mendocino.edu .

Read and Journal: “Allegory of the Cave” (this is in your text book or you can find it AllegoryOfTheCave.

Week 3 




Week 6

Week 7

Reading and journal due Week 8:  Hayek is in your textbook and here is the

Warren article: E.WarrenVanishingMiddleClass

Print it out and bring to class for discussions

Week 8

Read and Journal: John Rawls “A Theory of Justice” in your textbook

Week 9

Final Draft Essay  Due

Read and Journal: Martha C. Nussbaum’s “Central Human Functional Capabilities”“- from Sex and Social Justice

Essay 3 Prompt–nussbaumessayprompt2017

Week 10

Read and Journal: Martin Luther King Jr. in your textbook and Ta-NehisiCoates (handout)

Week 11

Read and Journal: Marion Nestle’s “Today’s ‘Eat More’ Environment” and Michael Pollan’s “Unhappy Meals

english 2

Week 12

Read and Journal:  Mencius1  &  HsunTzu2

Week 13

Read and Journal: from your textbook – Kwame Anthony Appiah’s “The Case Against Character” 


Week 14

Week 15

Week 16