English 200


Week 1

Course Outline 2017


Read and Journal: The Argument for a Tuition Free Harvard

Week 2

Reading list Calendar :  200reading%20list%202017

Leadership Role Rubric

Week 3

Rough Draft essay 1 Due

Week 4

Final Draft Essay 1 Due

Read and journal for week 5  “From Degrading to De-grading”  Print it out and bring to class.


Week 5

Class Canceled!  I am sick today. We will double up next week with leadership roles.

Reading for next week: “Abolish High School” by Rebecca Solnit  abolish-high-school Print it out and bring to class.

Week 6

Reading Due for March 8th

Textbook: Read and Journal–“Duh Boring”

Week 7

Read and Journal: Hsun Tzu “Man’s Nature is Evil”HsunTzu2

And             Mencius “Man’s Nature is Good”  Mencius1

Week 8   

Read and Journal- “Humanism” by Richard Sennet in your textbook

Week 9

Read and Journal- “The Foul Reign of Self-Reliance” by Benjamin Anastas in your textbook

Week 10

Read and Journal: “Galbraith Pos.of Pov.” by John Kenneth Galbraith

Week 11

Read and Journal: Carnegie’s “Gospel of Wealth

Sample Essays: Service Learning Essay prompt on Education

These are some examples of essays written in the same level course

1)synergy   2) Orion

Week 12

Read and Journal:  “Killing My Body to Save my Mind”

Week 13

Read and Journal: “How Doctors Die”

Essay structure powerpoint english 2

Week 14

Read and Journal: “The Crazy State of Psychiatry”

Week 15

Read and Journal: “Last Cigarette” 

Week 16

Final Essay Due and In-class writing final.